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  • What are your ethical breeding practices?
    Here is our owner, Stephanie Sterling's, copy of her voluntary ethical breeder agreement. Here you can see our ethical practices for our fur-babies at S. Island Maine Coon Cattery
  • Where does your Cattery service?
    S. Island Maine Coon Cattery currently services everywhere in the world, except Russia. Please subscribe for updates.
  • Do you sell breeding cats?
    Here at S.Island Maine Coon Cattery, we strictly sell pets to thouroughly vetted and very loving families. We will not, under any circumstances, sell breeding cats.
  • Do you have litters available year round?
    We do not have litters year round. This is due to the amount of time it takes time to raise future Sires and Queens. Contact us to sign up to our waiting list!
  • How can I get a S.Island Maine Coon?
    Step 1: Contact us via our email or Facebook. Introduce yourself and/or your family. Let us know what kind of Maine Coon you are interested in (i.e/ male, female, color, etc). Step 2: We will send over our application and let you know what kittens we have available. Step 3: If your application is approved, you will be sent a contract for a kitten
  • Is your line well cared for?
    S. Island kittens come from only the finest and most well known lines in Europe. While being raised in the United States, they are completely spoiled in every way. They are accustomed to daily play time, the highest quality food available, endless love, and frequest wellness visites.
  • How do you ensure the health of your breeding cats and available litters?
    Prior to breeding a cat, we raise them in optimal environments for thriving cats and feed them the finest food year round. Our line's health and happiness are our top priority at S. Island. All cats are tested prior to breeding. All kittens have three vet visits and are caught up on all shots, up until the age of purchase.
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